Jake Eliott

I guess love should be something silent
For there’s no word that can explain
Those feelings when I see you smiling,
The way you, like a sun, light up my day.

You are a song stuck in my head forever,
And when you kiss me all I want is swoon
I know that we are meant to be together
When we are dancing under the moon.

You are that yellow I’m in love with
Though I don’t know the reasons why I fell
But suddenly around you, I can’t breathe
When did I fall for you? Can’t even tell.

I’ll give my love to you with my whole heart
Because I saw the galaxies into your eyes
Because everything in you is a fine art
Because you make me fly into the skies.

©Jake Eliott

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18 комментария

Светлана Камишна-Терещенко · 19.04.2019 в 10:48 пп

Sensitive and subtle poetry. Thanks.

Chloe · 20.04.2019 в 11:57 пп

Very good, Jake!

Emily · 20.04.2019 в 11:59 пп

You should really love to write like this, thank you

Morgane · 21.04.2019 в 12:08 дп

Jake, this poem is so sweet, thank you so much!

Gabriel Sanchez · 21.04.2019 в 1:53 пп

Jake, you are very talented, I am honoured to be a friend of yours, mate

Алексей Петруня · 22.04.2019 в 11:30 дп

Very well/ Nice)Perfectly! Sumptuously! Wonderful! Good luck and success!

Владимир Мехонцев · 22.04.2019 в 1:52 пп

It’s really very good! Thank you so much, Jake!

Гульзара Кусаинова · 22.04.2019 в 5:57 пп

Very good, Jake!Thanks!!!

Clara · 23.04.2019 в 11:47 дп

Good luck, Jake!

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