“Congrès Littéraire Mondial” is an online literary magazine of living poetry, prose and artistic creation from the Association “Congrès Littéraire Mondial (CLM)”.

The magazine offers a wide opportunity to publish poetry and prose to all of the authors.

The CLM (Congrès Littéraire Mondial) project is a unique literary space for people living in different countries, speaking different languages, but writing from the bottom of their hearts, giving readers charming poetic lines and masterpieces of artistic creation, receiving creative recognition.

The participants of the CLM project do not care about geography, the degree of notoriety, the age, or the difference in beliefs. No matter what they do and where they live, they are united by an interest in the poetic world and a desire to give inspiring creative notes, making this world sweeter and spiritually richer.

Our motto: Opportunity, accessibility,

The recognition of the creative talent !

With our best wishes:

Benjamin  Besson,
Rédacteur en chef 


L. Ponomarova (Pseudonyme – Karolin Audace),
Rédacteur, directeur des relations publiques


Adèle Meraux,


Lisette Curi,
Directeur de la publication Maison d’édition «Congrès Littéraire Mondial» 

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Rejoignez le «Congrès Littéraire Mondial» et profitez des œuvres littéraires et présentez votre talent à la communauté mondiale !

Est-ce que vous écrivez de la poésie et de la prose ?


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