Jake Eliott

Today the colours are much brighter,
I feel spring freshness in the air,
All heavy thoughts seem to be lighter
And suddenly I see a stunning flare.

I see you walking down the street
You look into my eyes and smile
It feels like we were meant to meet
That you could be a friend of mine.

Your hair is golden with sunshine
And your smile sparkles like a star
You move like a queen, you are divine,
The world around seems so far.

Oh yes, we are as close as strangers,
Although my feelings are still strong
When we first met, it was the angels 
That sang to us a spring love song.

©Jake Eliott

ID of the Premium author: PAE4729153


Jake Eliott

ID of the Premium author: PAE4729153

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betty · 11.03.2019 à 10:01

This is so romantic

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