Jake Eliott

I felt the love of an angel today, 
For the first time since I walked away.
I’ve felt guilt and shame for so many years,
But the angel freed me of that through my tears.

I cried to him and confessed my sin,
I opened the door and let him in.
The angel greeted me with a smile,
He held me in his arms and said, “It’s been awhile.”

He said, “My child, it is going to be alright.
No longer will you cry yourself to sleep at night,
All those times when you were full of fear,
It was I who pulled you through; I have always been near.”

He said, “I have loved you since the beginning of forever,
And my love for you will stop never.
My child, I am always there,
All you have to do is come to me in prayer.”

©Jake Eliott

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Jake Eliott

ID of the Premium author: PAE4729153

16 commentaires

Светлана Камишна-Терещенко · 17.02.2019 à 9:51

Super!!!Thank you

Lisa · 18.02.2019 à 4:51

Such a good poem! I like it

John · 18.02.2019 à 4:52


Gabriel Sanchez · 18.02.2019 à 5:00

This is not my favourite poem, but this has a profound meaning. Keep up, you’re doing a great job

Morgane · 18.02.2019 à 5:04

Thank you for a beautiful poem

Fanny · 18.02.2019 à 5:07

This poem really touched me. I have no words!

Tessa · 18.02.2019 à 5:12

Beautiful thoughts

Emily · 18.02.2019 à 6:59


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