Jake Eliott

Dear life, why do you play hard to get?
Do you remember the first time we met?
I cried as soon as I took my first breath
Since I didn’t know anything, I just accepted you
I had no choice except walking step by step with you
The first step was innocence, the second was reality,
The third was dream, the fourth was difficulty
The fifth was hope, the sixth was responsibility
The seventh was hesitation, the eighth was certainty
The ninth step is still a mystery
After all you fooled me; you set all the steps before me
You were just watching what would happen to me
But now I will take the lead, and choose happiness as my one and only step.

©Jake Eliott

ID of the Premium author: PAE4729153

Catégories : English poetryFévrier №2

Jake Eliott

ID of the Premium author: PAE4729153

14 commentaires

Gabriel Sanchez · 18.02.2019 à 5:03

Nice one, mate

Lisa · 18.02.2019 à 5:18

Well done!

Will · 18.02.2019 à 5:19


Marta · 18.02.2019 à 5:20

I liked that

John · 18.02.2019 à 5:25

Nice, have a good day

Clara · 18.02.2019 à 5:27

You stunned me! I am so happy for you, Jake! Really nice job

Chloe Hayes · 18.02.2019 à 5:28


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